FarSight Studios developing for Wii U

wii u

FarSight Studios, currently developing a Nintendo 3DS port of The Pinball Arcade, have announced that they are now in possession of a Wii U development kit, and are anticipating to have a title ready for the console’s launch.

“Quick Nintendo update: We have dev equipment for the Wii U and fully anticipate being ready for the launch of its eStore”, FarSight Studios wrote on Facebook.

“The 3DS version currently needs to be optimized more to support ROM emulation at a smooth enough frame rate to be acceptable (in our opinion). We do not want to limit it to non-ROM emulated tables only. We will turn our tech guys loose on it once we get past the mobile launch.”

The developer later clarified that The Pinball Arcade is expected to launch on Nintendo eShop in March, and that their Wii U “eStore” comment was generic and don’t the name of what Nintendo’s digital store on Wii U will be.

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