Farming RPG Monster Harvest Release Date Delayed Again

Monster Harvest Logo

Merge Games and Maple Powered Games have confirmed that they have made the “tough decision” to once again delay release date for Monster Harvest.

“We know you’ll be disappointed and we do not take these decisions lightly. There was one final development hurdle to jump over that didn’t quite work out and pushing back a little was necessary to deliver exactly what we want players to experience,” the team explains.

“There’s a wonderful community that has sprouted up around Monster Harvest and we absolutely want to do right by the community, even when it means making what could be a disappointing decision.

“Thank you so much for the continued support and your patience as we make sure Planimal Point is ready for your arrival!”

This farming action role-playing game will challenge you to grow, collect and mutate your crops before taking them into battle, combining the experience with the world of monster collecting.

You will be able to craft and build your own farm or dream home in Planimal Point, you can also collect Planimal companions that can help you defeat your enemies and explore the world around you.

There will be three seasons that will affect the way that you play, with the weather and season changes determining which crops you can grow. The dark season will also result in strange mutations that “can dominate the land.”

Monster Harvest will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 31st August 2021.

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