Fantasy Strike Pummels Nintendo Switch This Summer

Fantasy Strike Screenshot

Sirlin Games has announced that Fantasy Strike will release on Nintendo Switch, a fighting game set in a world where fantasy meets martial arts and anything can become a weapon.

With a move to streamline the genre to leave you with the decision-making part as soon as possible, all moves are performed with a single button press, combos are easy to perform, and move lists are concise enough that they fit on one screen.

It’s all about making the right decision in the moment, with the game have been designed by an ex-Street Fighter developer and hardcore tournament player. That means that it has mixups, rushdown, zoning, frame traps, grapplers seeming too powerful on day one, and other fundamentals in the genre that you are used to – including local and online multiplayer modes.

Fantasy Strike will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Summer 2018.

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