Fantasy Strike Lands A Punch On Nintendo Switch This Month

Fantasy Strike Logo

Sirlin Games has announced that Fantasy Strike will release on Nintendo Switch this month – the fighting game from Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix lead designer David Sirlin.

Players can participate in an Arcade Mode with illustrated narrative bookends, a Boss Rush Mode that allows players to draft their own deck of powerups against progressively powerful opponents, and Ranked Mode with built-on-the-fly tournaments and 3-on-3 team battles.

There are also four Survival modes, a once-per-day Daily Challenge Mode, and local and online Versus mode – supported with “best-in-class GGPO networking technology for a fast and responsive online experience.”

In Fantasy Strike, there is also a visual display of “frame advantage.” This uses graphical effects to communicate which player will recover first after every hit and in how much time – helping players to think strategically.

“Online play is so important to fighting games that we’re trying to push the genre forward here,” explains game director David Sirlin.

“Part of that is on our technical implementation of networking which somehow allows me, in California, to play my friend in Tokyo and have it feel totally responsive and smooth. The other part is modernizing the genre conventions for user interface so it’s just a single click to challenge a friend online and a single click to watch any friend’s match.”

Fantasy Strike will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on July 25th, priced at £28.99 (€32.99 / $29.99).

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