Fans Petition For Paper Mario: Color Splash Cancellation


When we first heard the rumour back in January, fans were excited at the idea that Intelligent Systems were working hard to bring Paper Mario to Wii U. But, after last week’s Nintendo Direct, they have changed their tune.

As with Metroid Prime: Federation Force‘s E3 2015 reveal, anger has started to swirl around Paper Mario: Color Splash resulting in a petition that is calling for the game’s cancellation.

“Fans have been waiting for a new Paper Mario for a while now,” creator Jimmy Rustle writes. “After Sticker Star, we hoped Nintendo would have learned from their mistakes and make a better Paper Mario for the Wii U along the lines of The Thousand Year Door. Cancel Paper Mario: Color Splash and give fans what they’ve actually been waiting for.”

It’s a petition that reeks of entitlement, a knee-jerk reaction to a game that we still know so little about. How did you react to Paper Mario: Color Splash? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion. Making a game developer cancel something that they’ve clearly put hard work into? The game doesn’t even look that bad! Sure it may have some elements from Sticker Star, but it also has other things as well. GameXPlain made an excellent analysis of the trailer, and I suggest any of the petition signers to take a look.

        1. It’s called hyperbole. The game is basically Sticker Star crossed with De Blob, except without all the fun platforming and music. There doesn’t seem to be much effort. Personally, I went with the petition to make a different, more traditional Paper Mario game rather than outright cancel the game.

      1. Exp may be replaced and star points will probably enter (if they do) after the taster level
        Also I don’t mind not having exp if the cards are functioned as a deck instead of stickers

    1. Tbh it all depends on how Nintendo do things. To make the game good you would need a deck system (this is good as it could replace exp if used well), partners, an overworld and a standard attack or two. There are many possibilities and I don’t want to think that just from a trailer people get pissed off (although I can see why). But the reason I’m signing the petition is because the Nintendo direct guy called the game “action adventure” when paper Mario is a F**KING RPG!!!!!!! Just because of that one thing I’ve lost all hope and I sincerely hope Nintendo either re-think quickly or show us something to make us happy

    1. How about f*** you? Fans have literally just wanted the formula of the originals for OVER A DECADE. All those years and literally a copy-paste or even a port would satisfy us. And then when EVERYONE, even the people who liked Sticker Star (the latest Paper Mario game) complained about what it removed, they show a trailer of what looks like a direct sequel to that game. P*** off.

      1. But the game hasn’t even f***ing been released yet, so stop judging a game by it’s trailer and wait ’til the game is released before making a judgment. We don’t need a f***ing petition to cancel a game that may look disappointing, Jesus Christ.

        1. Wow lol. In this this post, criticism should not exist, movies/shows/video games/any sort of fiction should be blindly praised and free of criticism, and everyone should be forced to like it. No, I think it’s you that needs to grow up lol.

          @BiOriX_, while I will wait for the game to be released, so far what is seen is nothing to be hyped for. It was even stated in an interview, that the game was very much a Sticker Star clone. It was even said basically “go play Mario and Luigi if you want an RPG,” and they’ve even taken to calling it an “action-adventure” genre. So ya, I think people do have a pretty good idea about it, and have every right to criticize what is seen so far.

    2. Wait until your favourite franchise is ruined. I don’t care if it’s a favourite TV show, a favourite movie or favourite video game. For those of you who don’t understand how angry us Paper Mario traditionalist fans are regarding Sticker Star and color Splash. Wait until a game or TV show or movie that you absolutely love to desk, gets butcherd and then you don’t have a right to complain because when you complain about THAT when it happens to you maybe then you’ll understand and feel the same way that I feel right now.

  2. I was extremely disappointed when I saw color splash. Idk about cancellation but they should definitely reboot it. Most fans (including me) were so p****d off about it. I don’t believe many people will be willing to buy this game, and it could very well be the lowest selling game in the Paper Mario series if they don’t do something about it.

  3. I’m not for cancelling the game. But I am for an overhaul of the battle system. Shaking cards to color them so that we can attack is absolutely ridiculous and the opposite of fun. Why do they feel the need to rip out the depth this series had and replaced it with stupid gimmicks?

    Obviously I’ll wait to see the finished product, but from the footage we have seen of the battle system, it’s pretty clear it is exactly like sticker star in that regard. That system was absolutely awful, and I’m flabbergasted that Nintendo thought this was a good idea.

  4. This game looks awful but it makes no sense to cancel it. It looks finished, they need to make some money off it, and I’m sure there’s at least some people excited for it. Canceling the game wouldn’t change the fact that we’re still 3-4 years away from another Paper Mario game.


    2. I completely agree. This game doesn’t look completely bad and it looked like a looks like they have improved some of the stuff from PMSS. And plus we have only about seen 1 minute of this game

  5. I looked up the term “Hardcore Gamer” the other day, and on the urban dictionary, the definition was written by a guy with similar qualities but was appalled by his peers’ behavior.

    Here is his definition;

    Hardcore Gamer:

    A very vocal, arrogant minority of gamers that assume that the gaming industry revolves (or should revolve) around them.

    Consider their own skills, and preferences and, those of their peers, to be the only acceptable use of a recreational medium.

    Often use the term “True Gamer”. An arrogant, idiotic term invented by insecure people to justify their own gaming style.

    This also proven to me that there is no such a thing as a “True”, or “Hardcore” gamer.

    1. In short that is what Jimmy Rustle, and Gilbert Manzanarez (The same man who wanted Nintendo to pull the plug on Metroid Prime: Federation Force when was 1st unveiled…)

    2. Alright first off, we DO deserve to have a say in the gaming industry, not because it revolves around ME, but because it revolves around the players. If Nintendo continues to ignore their fans and develops a game we DONT want, we don’t buy it, then no matter how powerful they think they are, they will cease to exist someday. As much as Id like to feel sorry for the developers for hearing all of their work was in vain, I cant, if they listened to us, just ONE of the things we said, we’d get a better game and Id be more than happy spending my money on it. We aren’t arrogant, they are for thinking our opinions don’t affect anything, they wont be getting money from me. Now however is their chance to maybe change the system without totally starting over, but why would they if people like you insist on defending something just because you can.

  6. I understand that people are over reacting to this game, but that doesn’t mean they should release a game that isn’t going to be well received. They need to add new elements but they shouldn’t make a new formula using old characters. This game would be way more successful if the just let paper mario go and bring a new/different character to the field. Unfortunately that won’t happen and they will continue to release games to a such an obviously split audience.

  7. I have to say, I’m honestly a little disappointed. I really don’t think it should be cancelled, I’m just probably not going to buy it.

  8. I was right on the money when I said this was Federation Force all over again and this proves it. I swear to God people are so stupid when they don’t get their way.

  9. So Nintendo puts their money up to make a game. Pay their employees who work ours upon hours upon months possibly years on a game and people demand it be cancelled after watching a 30 second trailer? No good spoiled brats that don’t deserve the game in my opinion. Ive personally enjoyed all Paper Mario games as well as sticker star. If you don’t want to play it then don’t buy it. Making a petition to cancel it is moronic and absolutely disrespectful to Nintendo and their hard working game makers.

    1. Hey guys we got a six year old on here. It’s ok baby go back to your crib.
      *he thought sticker star was good.

      1. It wasn’t a bad game, but it didn’t fit in with the Paper Mario series. This is not what we want.

  10. I understand that at this point the developers have worked hard to put it together so I don’t think it should be cancelled, I mean it may not be a bad game in general. But this is not what the Paper Mario fans want and Nintendo needs to smarten up and give their fans the long awaited Paper Mario RPG they deserve, the one they’ve been waiting for since 2004 (questionably 2007).

    1. Stop making excuses it’s just like stick star the only way Nintendo will learn is stop giving them your money

  11. I was disappointed when I saw the level-based linear design and the combat system of where you can run out of attacks. There was so much potential there!

  12. Come on people. B***h and moan that there aren’t enough Wii U games and now you asking for one not to be released. The game looks good…..everyone making a fuss about this: take a chill pill.

    1. Don’t even get me started about that crap Sticker Star. Now if Nintendo makes up a new villain for color splash I might give it a chance. But if bowsers the villain again I’m signing that petetion.

  13. Wow, what a bunch of spoiled brats. Seriously. Maybe they need to stop and think about the fact that Nintendo is not making this game specifically for Paper Mario fans. They are making the game for all of their fans, and even potential fans they do not have yet. I’ll admit, I’m a bit disappointed in the battle system myself. But we know so little, and we’ve seen so little, and I am always up for new ways of playing a game. It could be fun! Jesus Christ, entitled disrespectful brats.

    1. If it was truly for the fans then Nintendo wouldn’t have released a copy-paste formula of Sticker Star.

      The only way Nintendo is not going to ruin this franchise is if we put a huge dent in their pockets. It makes me sad, but that’s the best the public can do. B****ing will spread awareness and help further the cause of increasing the quality of the series.

      Even then, cancellation does not mean the scrapping of all resources, it simply means the scrapping of the game idea itself. If they choose to revamp it and rerelease it and the public is fine with the product, even if it uses the same game engine, eventually it will make a profit, unlike with what they’re doing now.

      At this rate, it would be the lowest selling game in the entire franchise.

  14. I’m pretty disappointed by the hate. I’m beginning to feel that US Nintendo fans may be the real downfall of Nintendo. You don’t buy anything, so third parties are reluctant to put in the money for a quality release, and now we bash on Nintendo themselves? It’s a really strange, and selfish way to be…

    1. nintendo used to charge 3rd partys so much they go out of work they don’t trust nintendo any more

  15. Sticker Star wasn’t perfect but it was a good title and whatever you think of it we’ve hardly seen anything of this new game for fans to be so sure it will clone of Sticker Star. They are embarrassing themselves.

  16. It’s certainly an exaggeration to ask for the game to be canceled, but sticker star was a terrible game in comparison to past paper mario games.

    Fans complained, expected a release of a proper game and then they come out and bring out another game like sticker star.

    In short: Sticker star took away all the variety in gameplay mechanics, original story, different characters and interactions (NPCs are now all evil because of their species, rather than having interesting characters in the game) and plenty more bad decisions.

    I believe fans should complain, anyone saying we shouldn’t is really just looking to play anything nintendo throws at them without worrying about actual quaility in games, hence the reason why nintendo has been doing so bad lately (sales).

  17. When you say the name, “Paper Mario,” you think of grand adventures, silly characters, colorful settings, and a great game. People have many good memories of the original, Thousand Year Door, and even Super Paper Mario. It was an RPG series that took the old formula of RPGs, said, “screw that noise, I have an even *better* idea,” and proceeded to have you shrink down and explore a tiny toybox full of shy guys, star in a train mystery as the detective, wrestle hawk-men WWE-style, and even travel through heaven and hell itself! How many games can you say you had to continue by finding a poor man on a small moon and retrieving some toilet paper for him? In two of the games, Bowser wasn’t even a main antagonist! But they still included him in the best ways possible- super paper rampage through levels you already completed, and even as a partner on your travels. He even told his own little mini-story full of laughs and adventure in Thousand Year Door. Even Super Paper Mario had an interesting story that made me want to keep playing. And then Sticker Star came out. Sticker star was Paper Mario only in name and aesthetic. The worlds were unoriginal. There was no hub, just a overworld map like a Mario platformer, devoid of anything truly interesting. Combat? It was something you *avoided*. All it did was waste your stickers! There were no experience points, and they most certainly weren’t as fun or intuitive as its predecessors. There was no point to completing combat, for goodness sake! The *main part of the game*. Not as many people enjoyed it. So when they casually rush out an announcement (by the way, nice way of saying, “yeah, this isn’t as important anymore. let’s just get it over with,” Nintendo) for a game that looks EVERYTHING like Sticker Star when it was released, fans of the old series are gonna act the same way. This isn’t just, “knee-jerk,” it’s history repeating itself. And this is just what we can expect from now on. That trailer was to showcase what the game was about, and we heard it loud and clear. It was Sticker Star with paint. The same battle overlay like the last game, we saw no partners in the fights like the last game, an overworld map like the last game, holy crap they even still have *stickers*. Though admittedly they look more like cards, they basically serve the same function. Yes, it is more than likely Sticker Star 2. And no, some fans aren’t going to be happy with another unhappy installment of a old and beloved franchise. It could still surprise us, but without a single major difference between the two games and their undesired chunks to be seen yet, I honestly doubt it changes anything for the better. Will they outright cancel a game that’s been in production for some time? No. That is a stupid thing to ask. People like I might even be in a minority with just believing these games aren’t living up to their amazing predecessors. After all, Nintendo obviously sees something in this franchise to keep it alive. But I believe they have taken a ninety degree turn from what that direction used to be, and this is the base idea of where petitions like this come from. Sure, it’s a stupid petition that will obviously never see fruition. Seriously, “Cancel a full fledged and announced game,”? Good luck with *that*. But I see where the outrage is coming from. Even Federation Force kept with the ideas and elements that made Metroid Prime good! I’m even going to give it a good try. I loved the Metroid Prime games just as much! However, it makes you wonder where the creativity that made up the first three Paper Marios has gone, and will we ever see anything like it again? And did I maybe waste too much of my time writing a silly wall of text about a silly paper game? I can’t say. But I know I’m not buying this game. And if you haven’t played the early games and don’t understand the hate, I highly recommend playing them! They are an amazing experience and my favorite RPGs.

    1. This guy gets it. But give the game a play. Nintendo works hard making these games for you and every time you see one thing in the trailer that’s upsetting to you, you just suddenly go all out of your way to get it cancelled without even taking the time to really see what it’s about. I say shame on you people. Have you forgotten the old saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” Well, why not do the same with video games and not judge them by their trailers? You never know how the game could turn out if you just give it a chance. -Andrew Joseph Kutis

      1. You started off saying “this guy gets it”, but then turned around and contradicted him. The vast majority of the people signing the petition know it will not accomplish the cancelling of the game, but that it is a simple method to communicate their outrage as a singular voice. Why shame them? As for judging books by their covers, a trailer is most certainly not analogous to a book cover. A trailer is a short summary of what the game is about without giving away too many story details, though the latter is optional. I’m just going to wait for the game to come out and see if it’s a sticker star copy, which is what many believe the trailer suggests. I signed the petition.
        (Why did you sign your name? It’s right above your post.)

  18. No, this does not reek of entitlement. It reeks of Nintendo being out of touch as ever. It reeks of them taking a megadump on their fans like they have been doing this whole console cycle.

  19. I’ve played the first 3 Paper Mario games and I understand where the outrage is coming from. but I don’t think the game should be cancelled, just reworked into something the fans have been wanting for years. Instead of making a sequel most people didn’t want. It bothers me that some people say “stop complaining” or “their being a bunch of self entitled babies” and they should mindlessly accept it when they actually have very good reasons to be upset. Stickerstar was critically panned by most people for stripping away what made paper Mario stand out alongside the Mario and Luigi series. Like interesting stories, memberable characters, unique locations, partners with personalities, interesting villains, great battle system, choosing how you want to play the game with tons of diffrent badges, leveling up with experience and fun puzzle solving. Stickerstar is a souless, tedious, mind numming, criptic, unfun chore of a game. With the announcement of Colorsplash fans are outraged and fearing that it will have the same exact problems due to it playing exactly like Stickerstar with the paint gimic possibly being another problem.

    1. The thing is that the people complaining about Sticker Star are a really tiny but really loud minority. Sticker Star sold about as many copies as Super did, and it was an early 3DS sell. Both games sold twice as much as TTYD ever did.

      1. You sir or madam, have sent me on a statistical quest.

        Actually, Neither sold twice as much and Sticker Star has yet to pass The Thousand Year Door in sales(Officially as far as I know). The raw data isn’t very useful considering how rapidly gaming has grown though. What we need to compare the games’ sales properly is to measure them relative to some common factor. I chose two common factors and two relative measurements: The game with the most total sales from the same year, the game with the most total sales from the same system, a comparison of total sales, and a comparison of average sales per year respectively. When collecting data, I ignored extreme outliers caused by games being sold with their system(Wii sports technically sold 82.69 million copies!)

        I cite VGCharts as of February 20, 2016 for the data I used. The format of the comments means I have to name some columns before hand to make everything look nice and neat when I post.

        A= % vs total sales of most popular game on same system from same year
        B= % vs average sales of most popular game on same system from same year
        C= % vs total sales of most popular game on same system All time
        D= % vs average sales of most popular game on same system All time

        Games Sold Per year A B C D
        Paper Mario 1.38M 0.092M 42.3% 43.7% 14.0% 17.7%
        TTYD 2.25M 0.197M 100% 100% 31.8% 39.%
        Super Paper 3.73M 0.427M 32.5% 30.8% 28.8% 26.0%
        Sticker Star 2.24M 0.963M 23.4% 25.5% 16.4% 12.0%

        This is a small portion of an Excel document I created to measure the sales of each game while accounting for how popular Nintendo may have been at any given time. The 100%s on The Thousand Year Door are caused by the fact that is was the most popular Gamecube game in the year it was released. I thought this might give a very skewed view of the results, which is why I also compared sales and average sales to the most popular games on each respective system. As can be seen, The Thousand Year Door holds the highest percentages in all categories, while Sticker Star only beats the original Paper Mario in total units sold relative to the most popular game on each system respectively. These numbers may change over time, but since the game is three-ish years old already, it’s unlikely to have a significant impact. This basically means that Sticker Star is popular with a smaller percentage of Nintendo’s audience than any other mainline Paper Mario game, dispelling the idea that harsh criticisms of the game are solely by a vocal minority that Nintendo is not aiming at selling to. It still may be true that those that criticize are vocal a minority, but the data shows that that vocal (possible)minority represents a larger dissatisfied majority.

        Here is a link to my spreadsheet. It’s a bit messy. If you find a typo or mistake in my methodology, please let me know.

        (I signed the petition)

        1. Well, Nintendo doesn’t like spaces, so my columns got messed up.
          They are
          Per year

        2. And a typo, Sticker Star sold 0.693M per year on average, not 0.963M

          This site could use some short timeframe where you can edit comments

        3. I looked through your chart and all I have to say is if it’s about the Paper Mario games, where did Mario Kart 64, Pokemon X & Y, Smash Brothers Melee & Brawl, Majora’s Mask, Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros 2 come from? And why is 1KYD listed twice?

      2. Well if you look at it the gamcube didn’t sell well while the 3ds did. By the time SS came out the fan base had grown. And also by the time more people became paper mario fans the game had stopped being made so they just bought it second hand off ebay or amazon.

  20. How can you say that when you don’t know anymore about the game than I do? You are just as ignorant as almost every other person I know. I bet you are planning to vote for Donald Trump during elections. That’s right. I said Donald Trump. What are you going to do about it? With no regards for you, Andrew Joseph Kutis.

    1. This comment was for the anonymous person who criticized the paper Mario: color splash game on March 8 2016 at 8:49 pm.

  21. My first paper mario game was thousand year door for gamecube. I was blown away at..10 years old I think. The great partners, challenging puzzles, cool badge systems, great mysterious story. It is hands down my favorite mario game. I played the prequel on an emulator for reasons, and of it was great, not as good but great. Ttyd perfected the first games systems. Super paper mario came out. I was excited, it was a good game. A little different, still had somewhat of a partner systems and you could play as different mario classic characters (multiplayer paper mario anyone). Good story. Then a long time passed and sticker star came out. I was excited for a new game, but trailers left me worried, no visible partners and game looked completely different functionality wise. I decided to buy it cuz I had faith. It sucked, I never finished it, I have it away. I was so disappointed. I see this game, part of me has hope. But I know it’s false. I just want partners, a connected world, and rpg elements. Color splash is a cool new system. I’m all for new ideas but you need to have a strong foundation to build on, and it looks like that foundation is gone.

  22. What the heck people? This game looks beatiful! Just you know, not so heavy on the ol’ plot >~<

    1. It may look good, and it does, but the reason why Sticker Star -and this game – are getting Broadway is because it’s not Paper Mario. I played sticker star, and honestly? It’s the worst game I’ve ever played.

      Why? The battle system is a biggie. I mean it was a system that was basically said your character can only use items. What kind of an Rpg resources the characters abilities by what you’re carrying around? The answer: a game that isn’t an Rpg. They was also barely even there, the characters were more like props, and the game felt like one giant boring puzzle that had no payoff. TYD and PM1 made the player care. Sticker Star didn’t.

      And that’s why we want another TYD : because it cared

    2. It looks beautifull too!! The textures are crazy! I love that, its just like wooly world…I totaly want to play it..

  23. I wish these Nintendo get it into there head the only way Nintendo will listen is when u stop giving them your money paper mario colour splash and metriod game on 3DS don’t tell Nintendo to cancel it just don’t buy them and then Nintendo will have a hard think why this these games didn’t sell well and the Nintendo fans will buy this game are a dumm ass and Nintendo will think that too…

  24. I do agree that they should build upon the battle system a little more and stuff, but come on! Color Splash has only been around for 30 minutes! People should think about Super Mario 3D World; in the first trailer, people complained about how it was too much like other titles, but everyone changed their minds when the second trailer came out.

    These petition people are such morons. If they don’t want it, they don’t have to buy it–they don’t have to sign a petition to get rid of something that Nintendo has worked hard on and only had 1 minute of gameplay revealed! Who knows? Maybe it’ll be much better later on…

  25. How many people need to sign the petition in order for it to work? Cause I hope they game comes out.

  26. Wow, I can’t believe you guys would actually go THIS far with hating a video game that’s not even out yet. I’m beginning to question today’s humanity if you’re seriously getting this worked up over a video game. If you hate Paper Mario: Color Splash before it’s released that much, just don’t buy and move on, wait for the next game, or just go back and play the older Paper Mario games. Not to mention how ludicrous it would be to cancel this game if it’s already been made. Nintendo worked really hard to make this game, and this is how you treat it. A bunch of ‘adult’ creating a petition to get it cancelled. That’s just sad. I never played Sticker Star, but I’m sure it isn’t as awful as you guys are saying it is. If you don’t like it, fine, but this has gotten ridiculous.

    1. I beat sticker star the day I got it no joke I really did the other games took me weeks sticker star cost 50$ at the time if I know how bad it was then I say I paid 40$ too much

  27. I have waited over a DECADE for a paper mario like the first 2. I would wait ANOTHER DECADE just for a game like the 1st and 2nd they were my favorite games of all time i have played both 100% so many times and it never gets old. when i played sticker star i was utterly dissapointed and i thought it was the last game hopefuly they remake this one

  28. the game doesnt look special and how can we verify that it folloes the same laws as pmss in the trailer its about painting a island(general goal that looks exciting

  29. I just want to say, I loved the first two games of the series (I even liked the 3rd one), and I was disappointed when SS was released. But, seriously, trying to cancel a game based on its 1 min trailer? I don’t like how the series is going (at least I have the M+L series to look forward to), but some people don’t think at all. Does anyone seriously think anyway that Nintendo would take this petition seriously? No, they wouldn’t. They would release the game anyway. Go do better things in your life.

  30. people let me say this i would pay for this game not to come out because of how much it looks like ss but i know they are going to release it anyway so instead please atlease change the name. i would have like ss if it was just ss not paper mario ss paper mario is a rpg ss is not i not sure what it is visual novel is my best gauss i think that’s biggist proplem people had with ss. if it wasn’t a paper mario game it would have been great if it was called sticker mario a peel and stick adventure i think people would be okay with it since it wouldn’t be connected to paper mario. so please nintendo aleast change the name of the game to something else or lose all hope and trust we have for

  31. who ever created the petition to cancel Paper Mario Color Splash on made an error on the petition its self it is not Nintendo that is developing Paper Mario Color Splash But Intelligent Systems is the one that is developing Paper Mario Color Splash but not Nintendo

  32. They aren’t making games for us. They’re making games for the people who gave Super Paper Mario a super low score criticizing its story. That is all they care about.

  33. You know what’s going on people who want’s this game to be cancel don’t want Paper Mario anymore.

    1. Wrong. What people don’t want is what Sticker Star is. Many Nintendo fans want the original Paper Mario format and hate Sticker Star for what it was. Many people have made fan game/stories based on the original format, and some of them are better than Sticker Star by a long shot! I don’t think that it should be canceled, but rather reworked. If they refuse, then cancellation. So you know what? Screw Nintendo. And screw what they did. Even so, they only way to get their attention in to strike their wallets. By the way, don’t bother responding to this comment. I won’t react.

  34. Star points were use as exp in the first two games also they have exp that only sometimes drop form enemies called hammer points now

  35. Wii u sold 7.7millon number of people who don’t want color splash over 5k that is almost one percent of people who own a wii u not getting this game new myself include used yes only because a game like this is worth only 20$ not 60$+

  36. Wow calling someone an idiot. It’s funny when people on the other side act like they have the higher ground, yet you clearly can’t read hyperbole and choose to take it literally, and then resort to insults.

    Ya, you are on the lower ground here. Also never call anyone an idiot, without actually first understanding their comment, which clearly, you did not.

  37. And once again, people have no idea what the petition is actually about. The person who made the petition and the vast majority of people that signed it, don’t seriously or literally think Nintendo is going to stop making the game. It was more of a move to get Nintendo to listen, which in the previous Federation Force, Nintendo had acknowledged it. Whether you think it’s effective at doing such a task is another story.

  38. Sticker Star was an abomination because of the following reasons, and this one will be too, if it shares these aspects (TL;DR at the end):

    No experience points, just coins from battles means the amount of battles you must complete to reach the cap of usefulness is DRASTICALLY lowered–by as much as it possibly could be. This is because, in the games with experience, leveling up could always give you more FP or BP, which in turn would allow you to equip and use higher qualities and quantities of badges/skills, which in turn allowed you to deal more damage per turn (DPT), which in turn allowed you to have a higher chance of winning, and win faster, against enemies that you needed to defeat to progress, like bosses and minibosses.

    Thus “grinding”, or at least not running from every battle, was advisable, because defeating normal enemies let you beat bosses better. If you think about it in terms of a speedrun, somebody trying to complete the game as quickly as possible would still level up, because up to a certain point the time spent battling mobs would be less than the time saved on bosses by equipping and using skills requiring a certain amount of FP and BP.

    In Sticker Star, it took a fairly short amount of time to get enough coins to fill up your sticker book to the point where you could beat a boss. After this point, there is NO REASON to fight ANY random battles, and indeed, it’s actually a bad idea–because if you use more coins’ worth of stickers in that battle than you gain, you will have lost stickers to use against the boss, which will in turn make them slower and more difficult to beat. In addition, using stickers on enemies means you have to spend time to go buy them back.

    In addition, in case an RPG where every battle but boss battles is essentially pointless wasn’t bad enough for you, there are a very small amount of attacks as compared to PM1 and TTYD. In ADDITION, there are those blocks you can put a sticker in and hit to upgrade the sticker, and there is, by necessity, one that is closest to a level entrance (it’s near the beginning of the game, I forget where exactly, but it takes about 30 to 60 seconds to go upgrade your sticker, quit the level, and repeat. Doing this it is very quick and easy to get the best stickers IN THE GAME at the BEGINNING of the game–that’s like if you could get Ultima and Knights of the Round in Midgar in Final Fantasy VII–not only are there so few attacks that novelty expires quickly, but you don’t even have to wait until ANY TIME LATER IN THE GAME to see the best attacks. So there’s nothing to look forward to. The only stupid thing that ends up being novel is:

    The thing stickers, which are placed in very obvious locations and do boring shit. Using them is akin to figuring out a puzzle (read: trying them one by one and quitting or something,) just a boring and pointless puzzle (more boring and pointless than a jigsaw puzzle!) that you sometimes basically NEED to guess in order to figure out.

    That’s why that game sucks and this one might.

    TL;DR No EXP/Only coins from battles means that once you have enough stickers to beat a boss, fighting random enemies is BAD because it wastes your stickers. The only enemies it’s rational to fight are bosses. There are barely any stickers compared to the old games and using the upgrade blocks you can grind up quickly to the best stickers in the game. You can do this super early in the game, which means that for the rest of the game you will NEVER get a new attack and say “Hey, this is cool!”–you’ve seen it all. The only new attacks are the thing stickers, which are more just like guessing puzzles, and are boring anyway.

  39. Amen. This is not right, its pretty weak, there are people actually looking forward to these game, just becuase some people may not like it doesnt mean u can ruin it for other people, its ot right to riun things for other people!!

    News flash, game companies dont revolve around you! And what a few hundred people may think!! Grow up!

  40. Im Canadian, im not sure but i want to say the Candian fans are better, and it is infact the US fans who are groaning constantly, they ARE rude and everything with everything else after all….but its not like i look up where everyone is from, i do however assume becuase it seems a majority of everything is from the states…i can ussually bet on it..

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