Fans petition for original Bayonetta to be ported to Wii U


NeoGAF members are spearheading a petition that seeks to raise awareness of the demand for the original Bayonetta to be ported to Wii U.

Currently it is only Bayonetta’s sequel which is headed to the platform, yet Operation Dead Angels is looking to change that – asking Wii U owners to take to Twitter, Facebook and Miiverse in a concerted effort to attract the attention of Nintendo, SEGA and Platinum Games.

Director Hideki Kamiya has already shared that Platinum would have time to work on the port if given backing to do so, explaining his belief that it would be a great opportunity for those that hadn’t played the original to be brought up to speed. So, we know that it is possible, but just now need to demonstrate that there’s enough demand for it to happen.

Bayonetta 2 is currently scheduled to release exclusively on Wii U in 2014.

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