Fan-made Star Fox intro shows series’ HD potential

Arwing SSBB

YouTube user Rickonami has shared their fan-made rendition of an introduction animation sequence for the Star Fox series.

‘Star Fox Intro Redux/Tribute’ as the video is titled, ultimately provides a glimpse at how fantastic the series could look on current-generation systems in high definition.

Last year, Star Fox 64 3D, a 3DS remake of the Nintendo 64 classic, was released, although disappointingly didn’t include online multiplayer modes due to “vast” costs.

Fans are widely clamouring for Nintendo to reintroduce the series on Wii U, their next home console, which will launch this year.

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  1. The enemy ship at the end totally looks like a Droid control ship from Star Wars Episode 1 🙂

    Very cool video though, it is definitely time for a Star Fox release by Nintendo. And an HD Wii U version would be prime.

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