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Famitsu’s Sonic Forces Review Speeds Into View

Weekly Famitsu has published their Sonic Forces review within the Japanese gaming magazine’s illustrious pages this week.

That has seen their Cross Review, a panel that is comprised of four reviewers that each provides their own individual score, award the blue blur’s adventure with 35 out of a maximum possible score of 40 – which, broken down, was three 9 scores and one 8.

For comparison’s sake, Sonic Mania was scored lower – awarded 32 out of 40, which worked out as four individual 8 scores.

Sonic Forces will see the lightning-fast hero and his pals fight through a world that has been destroyed by Dr. Eggman and take on Infinite, a new powerful, mysterious enemy that will join Eggman’s evil group of henchmen that include Chaos, Metal Sonic, Shadow and Zavok – who have already taken over the world and are ready to create next-level panic and disorder.

It was recently confirmed that, on Nintendo Switch, the game would run with a 720p resolution at 30 frames per second whether docked in TV Mode or undocked in Handheld Mode.

The publication also reviewed other major releases such as Assassin’s Creed Origins (36/40) and Gran Turismo Sport (33/40), as well as Astro Duel Deluxe (27/40) and Overcooked: Special Edition (29/40) on Nintendo Switch, with Cake-ya San Monogatari: Ooishii Sweets o Tsukurou! (28/40) being the only Nintendo 3DS release that was covered.

Sonic Forces will release on Nintendo Switch worldwide on November 7th.

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