Fallout Mash-Up Pack Irradiates Minecraft Wii U Edition

fallout mash up pack minecraft wii u edition screenshot

Mojang has announced that the blocky overworld in Minecraft Wii U Edition will soon collide with Bethesda Softworks’ post-apocalyptic RPG series.

The Fallout Mash-Up Pack will see the overworld become an irradiated wasteland, where cows have sprouted second heads, spiders have mutated into overgrown arachnids that wield brutal stingers. Players can look forward to making their way across the treacherous wasteland to see familiar landmarks such as the Capitol building and Tenpenny Tower,
while 44 Fallout character skins will be available such as Fawkes the philosophical supermutant, robo-sleuth Nick Valentine, Tinker Tom, Paladin Cross, Jangles The Moon Monkey and Vault Boy.

The UI will also receive a retro-futuristic overhaul in copying Fallout’s wrist-mounted Pip-Boy computing device, with the soundtrack adding tracks from across the series.

The Fallout Mash-Up Pack will soon become available in Minecraft Wii U Edition, priced at $5.99.

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