Facebook campaign seeks to see Zelda as a playable character


After The Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma suggested that Nintendo would consider delivering a title that saw Zelda herself appear as a central playable character if fans showed “strong feelings about it,” and they have indeed responded in kind.

A Facebook campaign has begun, seeking to pluck Zelda from her plight and instead cast her solely in the limelight, away from Link’s shadow.

“The character the Legend of Zelda series is named after is the ruler of a country with the Power of Wisdom and the Gods at her disposal, yet she’s often represented as a damsel in distress,” the campaign’s statement reads.

“While she’s had great moments as characters like Sheik and Tetra, she more often than not feels like a background character, overshadowed by the two other Triforce bearers, Link and Ganon.

“Nintendo, the fans, male and female, have wanted this for so long: please give Princess Zelda future roles more befitting of her actual attributes. And, if you see fit, make her a playable protagonist.”

Already sat at 2,370 likes at the time of writing, let’s hope that it indeed draws Nintendo’s attention to the speedily gathering support.

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  1. Who the hell do those people think they are speaking in the name of “the fans” ?? I am a fan and I certainly don’t want zelda to be playable.

    Zelda often has a strong personality. Link on the contrary is completely hollow, because he is the playable character and is designed to fit the player. That’s why he doesn’t even really have a name, (you choose it), no detailed history background, no lines.

    That idea is stupid because it wouldn’t change anything to the gameplay and it would break the familiar and appreciated pattern that has been there for ages and makes those game linked to one another. But i guess it look “cool” to say that you want to change that. And it looks even cooler to say you’re part of such a useless Facebook group.

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