Exterminate Demons In Heaven In Neon White On Nintendo Switch

Neon White Logo

Annapurna Interactive and Ben Esposito have revealed that Neon White is in development for Nintendo Switch.

This lightning-fast first-person action game comes from the award-winning creator behind the mischievous Donut County. You play as White, an assassin that has been hand-picked from Hell to compete against other demon slayers for the chance to live permanently in Heaven.

True Believers cannot kill anyone, so he, as well as the other Neons, must deal with an evil demon infestation. That will see you use Soul Cards, magic playing cards that each represent a limited-use weapon that can be discarded to activate a special movement ability.

You will need them in your efforts to secure the Mechanical Halo and the chance to stay in Heaven indefinitely. New cards can either be found in treasure chests or by defeating demons, and you will need them to earn fast times to reward you with medals to increase your Neon Rank.

“Neon White is a first-person action platformer inspired by Y2K era anime and cult-classic character action games. Our goal is to make the sickest game on the demo disc,” explains game designer and creator Ben Esposito. “It’s wild and over the top, and it’s 100% earnest. It’s a campy anime speedrunning game made for freaks, by freaks.”

Neon White will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Winter 2021.

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