Explore Your Favourite TV Shows In Landflix Odyssey On Nintendo Switch

Landflix Odyssey Logo

Fantastico Studio has announced that Landflix Odyssey will release on Nintendo Switch later this month.

After lazy binge-watcher Larry finds himself trapped inside a streaming service after using special batteries, to return home he must recover the five nuclear batteries that have ended up inside his favourite TV shows.

With a clear nod to video-on-demand platform Netflix, in this action-platformer, you will come to rely on your special powers to overcome the obstacles and dangers in each world.

That could see Larry move through parallel dimensions, use magic swords, do “superhero stuff “with superhero tools, take drugs to increase his productivity or defend himself from a zombie horde using a crossbow.

Landflix Odyssey will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 22nd December 2020.

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