Explore The The Labyrinth Of Yomi In God Wars: The Complete Legend

God Wars: The Complete Legends - The Labyrinth of Yomi Artwork

NIS America has revealed more about God Wars: The Complete Legend, mainly exploring The Labyrinth of Yomi expansion.

After the main game traced the story of the beginning of the nation in the journey of the maiden of destiny, Kaguya, and her friends, The Labyrinth of Yomi will tell the true ending that couldn’t be told.

Your chance to trek into the depths of the treacherous labyrinth, you can look forward to a brand new storyline with multiple endings, new allies and the chance to recruit old foes, more refined gameplay mechanics and new places to explore.

The Labyrinth of Yomi expansion will be included in God Wars: The Complete Legend on Nintendo Switch, which releases in Europe on August 31st and North America on September 4th.

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