Explore Surreal Fever Dreams In Verlet Swing On Nintendo Switch

Verlet Swing Key Art

Digerati and Flamebait Games have announced that Verlet Swing will release on Nintendo Switch, a surreal first-person grapple-hook adventure.

You will enter surreal fever dreams, presenting the chance to explore an eccentric world where weird stuff happens.

That challenges you to brave an abstract gauntlet that transforms into even stranger courses as you soar your way through mindboggling landscapes of koi fish, pizza slices, and other unexpected obstacles.

“As a team, we were passionate about creating a game with super tight yet simple mechanics,” explains Flamebait Games CEO, Mattias Lindblad. “With Verlet Swing we proudly deliver an experience which we believe has a fantastic game feel.”

Verlet Swing will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on June 14th.

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