Explore Outer Space In Subdivision Infinity DX On Nintendo Switch

Subdivision Infinity DX Screenshot

Blowfish Studios and Mistfly Games have announced that Subdivision Infinity DX will release on Nintendo Switch, presenting the chance to step into the cockpit of an intergalactic fighter to explore outer space.

This immersive and pulse-pounding sci-fi 3D space shooter starts with Sergeant Jed Riddle being brought in to investigate a mining facility that has gone radio silent.

After surviving a tense shootout, Riddle must look into what exactly has happened to uncover the dark secrets that lurk in the shadow.

There are more than 40 story missions and sidequests to complete across several star systems, in which you will be challenged to obliterate enemies in dogfights, mine asteroids for rare minerals, unlock new ships and craft powerful upgrades.

“Exploring outer space in Subdivision Infinity DX is an absolute blast,” explains Blowfish Studios founder Ben Lee. “We look forward to allowing players to live out their sci-fi fantasies in the game when it launches for PC and consoles early next year.”

Subdivision Infinity DX will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in early 2019.

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