Explore Japan’s Origin In God Wars: The Complete Legend On Nintendo Switch

God Wars: The Complete Legend Artwork

NIS America has announced that God Wars: The Complete Legend will release on Nintendo Switch, a tactical RPG that explores the untold history of Japan through folklore and combat.

This is a tale steeped in Japanese tradition and centres on Princess Kaguya, whose mother had once confined within a bamboo seal to protect her from the natural disasters that the people of their land, Mizuho, had suffered.

Thirteen years have passed since then, and with her childhood friend Kintaro, she rebels against her fate to be a sacrifice and journey to discover the truth behind her mother’s decision.

The game will let you experience the traditional stories of Japan’s origin from the perspective of three warring nations, with the chance to customise 14 playable characters from across more than 30 classes, over 400 skills, and over 250 unique pieces of equipment – all left to you to mould your party.

God Wars: The Complete Legend will include God Wars: Future Past and all the downloadable content that was released for it, as well as the brand new character Orihime, and the Legend of Yomi. This is a new dungeon that outlines the story of Kaguya over 50 stages, and includes the prince of Hyuga, Momotaro, and his crew as playable characters leads to multiple endings.

God Wars: The Complete Legend will release for Nintendo Switch in Fall 2018.

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