Explore Gorgeous Gorge In New Fox N Forests Gameplay Trailer

Fox N Forests Screenshot

EuroVideo and Bonus Level Entertainment have released a new gameplay trailer for Fox N Forests, in which they explore the level, Gorgeous Gorge.

The 2D action platformer is described as an ode to the golden era of gaming, and looks to take all the best and beloved elements from 16-bit games and combine them with modern game design, a chiptune soundtrack, and a nostalgic look and feel.

The level Gorgeous Gorge takes specific inspiration from 90’s classics such as ActRaiser 2 or Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse.

In Fox N Forests, you play as Rick the Fox who wields a Magic Melee Crossbow that not only lets him puncture his enemies with arrows but he can change the seasons to his advantage. That could see him make new platforms from falling leaves in autumn, for example.

Fox N Forests will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Spring 2018.

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