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Die Gute Fabrik has announced that their story-driven adventure game Saltsea Chronicles will release on Nintendo Switch “later this year.”

Set in a post-flood world known as Saltsea, Captain Maja’s misfit crew must recover their impounded ship and mount a rescue of their missing leader. The flooded world was betrayed by the so-called Hoarders, but no one remembers a time before the Flood.

That will see you challenged to guide your crew across islands on which you will experience strange and wonderful communities built on the ruins of the world that came before, uncover a deep conspiracy, choose where to go and with which crew members to investigate, and chart your own journey through the story.

With a story that has looked to trace meaningful themes with humour, lightness of touch an care, Die Gute Fabrik studio lead and creative director Hannah Nicklin explains: “One of my principles as a creative director is that how we make is as important as what we make, and I would describe the game as very process-driven. I didn’t set out with a grand vision of the Saltsea Archipelago, I started with ‘flooded world, ensemble adventure game where you play as a whole crew, not as a hero’ and then designed processes to fill in the details and realize a world together.

“The writers room came together as different constellations of people over three distinct phases: ideation, writing and polish. With the excellent support of our story lead Char Putney and tech lead Katrin-Anna Zibuschka we put together workflows and systems that allowed people with little to no games-writing experience to bring their ideas and words to the game’s stage. Our art team took their ideas and brought them to visual life. The programming team built the systems which brought them to technical life, Eli Rainsberry then composed the sounds of those spaces. The story team were the engine, but every team member was an invaluable part of the process.

“Another principle of creative leadership for me is ‘aptitude is as important as experience’, so as well as team members working at a lead level for the first time (with built-in mentorship), we’re proud to have supported several entry-level fully-paid story internships, plus hiring others we met through that process. 5 of our core team members (almost 20%) we found through entry-level positions. And with Die Gute Fabrik’s 4-day week and flat pay structure we’re also able to support and value all team members and their development.

“Excellence, intentionality and Care are the principles through which I hope to lead the company, and which we all instill in what we make. I hope that this work, just as Mutazione did, continues to be a place of refuge, intrigue, excitement and identification for everyone who plays.”

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features, which include:

  • Distinctive print-inspired art style: A unique art style inspired by risograph print techniques brings a story-book aesthetic to the fantasy-tinged world of Saltsea Chronicles. Brought to life with beautiful bespoke animation.
  • Try your hand at Spoils: Spoils is a trick-taking card game from the world of Saltsea Chronicles. Play cards with each local community, but watch out – some islands have their own house rules!
  • An original score by Eli Rainsberry: IGF-nominated composer and sound artist Eli Rainsberry (No Longer Home, A Monster’s Expedition) presents a musically hybrid score and soundscape guided by the spaces and characters of Saltsea Chronicles.
  • Navigate the drama as well as the seas: Tensions between crew members are represented by Issues, small ‘relationships quests’ you can track, resolve, or sometimes, just have to be left unsolved.

Saltsea Chronicles will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide “later this year.”

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