Everybody Answers Event Starts In Miitomo

miitomo banner image

Miitomo has now seen release in the west on the App Store and Google Play, and, as part of their launch plans the Everybody Answers event has started.

Seemingly becoming the spiritual successor to Wii’s Everybody Votes Channel, it invites all Miitomo users to participate in answering the same selected question. The first is “What do you do to relieve stress?”, and will run until 23:59:59 UTC on 7th April 2016.

Those that answer will receive Miitomo Platinum Points for My Nintendo, and your Mii will definitely prompt you to join in when a blue speech bubble appears next to them.

You will be able to see any answers shared by your friends by tapping the ‘All Answers’ icon, or all answers shared publicly to Twitter using the ‘View online answers’ option.

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