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Ever Oasis Update Version 1.1 Now Available

Nintendo has released a new version 1.1 software update for Ever Oasis, addressing undisclosed issues uncovered in the Nintendo 3DS exclusive. The updates notes simply reveal that “adjustments h...


Ever Oasis Review

Ever Oasis welcomes you to the desert world of Vistrahda, a land that, long ago, was nothing more than desolate sand and harsh sun. Brave but gentle creatures known as Seedlings called it home, beings...

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Chaos Subsumes The Living In Ever Oasis Opening Cutscene

It isn’t long until we can explore a brand new world from Secret of Mana creator Koichi Ishii, in Ever Oasis. GameXplain has started playing the Nintendo 3DS exclusive, and has shared the openin...


Nintendo 3DS Exclusive Ever Oasis Releases On June 23rd

Ever Oasis was shown once again in this week’s Nintendo Direct, a Nintendo 3DS exclusive action-adventure RPG from Mana series creator Koichi Ishii. “In Ever Oasis, you are the defender of...


Ever Oasis Sets Off On An Adventure On Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has announced Ever Oasis, a brand new IP that will promises a new take on the adventure RPG genre in a world inspired by Egyptian culture and mythology. The Nintendo 3DS exclusive is in devel...

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