Even More Nintendo NX Rumours Surface Online


Another week has passed without concrete Nintendo NX news, and, therefore, we’re left with even more rumours to read and momentarily ponder.

Gameblog‘s Julien Chièze has shared information that he has reportedly confirmed with multiple sources, that each has access to Nintendo NX development kits and are currently working on games for the console.

One source claims that everyone will have chance to verify the recent leaks soon, even though they aren’t aware of a specific reveal date for the dedicated game platform.

These largely reinforce rumours that we have previously heard but throw in some new rumblings such as a Yoshi and Raving Rabbids crossover, the promise of more remasters, a wireless dongle used to connect the handheld to the TV screen, and that there is a unknown “surprise” remaining relating to the hardware.

We have divided the new information between details relating to either hardware or games (translated by NeoGAF), which you can sift through below:

Nintendo NX Games

  • There are around 20 games in development
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks nicer on Nintendo NX
  • Lots of remasters planned (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Nintendo 64 and Wii games)
  • Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake are coming to Nintendo NX
  • Platinum Games and Capcom are in
  • Ubisoft in (Beyond Good & Evil 2 discussed but not confirmed, Splinter Cell and a Yoshi / Raving Rabbids crossover being discussed too)
  • Nintendo NX Hardware

  • Nintendo hasn’t shared all of the console’s “gimmicks” with the developers yet
  • Hybrid confirmed but not the only “surprise”
  • It has been confirmed again that there are detachable controllers
  • There is no dock where the handheld is plugged in, but a wireless ‘dongle’ that upscales when playing on a TV screen
  • When playing on the handheld, the game is the same as when docked
  • Games look good on the handheld screen (780 – 900p), about PlayStation 4 level
  • Ports should be easy despite the different architecture
  • Very positive feedback on the dev tools
  • Smartphone connectivity may be possible
  • Virtual Reality support is not out of the question but early tests aren’t satisfying enough for Nintendo

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