ESRB out Rayman 3D heading to Nintendo 3DS

rayman3 large

It would seem that Rayman is set to make a return, following the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) outing that Ubisoft currently has a Nintendo 3DS title in the works known only by the name of Rayman 3D.

Whilst no additional information is offered, other than that the game features ‘Mild Violence’ and has been rated for ‘Everyone,’ I’d be particularly keen to see Ubisoft produce a 3D version of the anticipated release of Rayman Origins for Nintendo’s latest handheld – perhaps hinting at why we haven’t heard much in regards to the title since it was announced at E3 2010.

It’s another case of wait and see though unfortunately, but it’s still great to see another title join the line-up for the arrival of the Nintendo 3DS in March.

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