Erotic-Themed Horror Game Lust For Darkness Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Lust For Darkness Screenshot

SimFabric and Movie Games Lunarium have announced that Lust for Darkness has now released on Nintendo Switch.

This Kickstarter-backed psychological horror adventure that has been created with occult and erotic themes, with design that takes inspiration from the art of Lovecraft, Giger, and Beksinski.

You play as Jonathan Moon who, after receiving a letter from his wife who went missing a year earlier, heads to a secluded mansion that was mentioned in her message.

This is where an eldritch, occult ceremony takes place, which has opened the Gates to another world – the profane, perverse land of Lusst’ghaa.

“The idea for the land of Lusst’gha did not appear in my head out of anywhere. I have been fascinated with the works of Lovecraft, Beksiński, and Giger for years, as well as, what can be seen in fictional solutions and aesthetics – Stanley Kubrick’s films. I was lucky to meet people who shared these fascinations and, in addition, also wanted to create games,” explains Movie Games Lunarium founder Michał Ciastoń.

“The subject of erotica in video games seemed to us controversial, but completely unused by the gaming industry, in which nakedness and sex are often presented with no creativity, in a plastic and obscene manner.

“As the sales results show now, the continued interest in the title, the maintained high ratings on Steam, and successfully finished Kickstarter, we believe it was a good choice of the subject. We are happy that soon it will be available on the new platform.

Lust for Darkness is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide priced at £11.69 ($14.59).

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