Equip Two New Weapons In Splatoon 2


Nintendo has added the Custom E-Liter 4 and Custom E-Liter 4 Scope to Splatoon 2, the latest new weapon to be made available at Ammo Knights in the Galleria.

“The Custom E-Liter 4K maintains all the great features of the original but features a bold new look!” Sheldon at Ammo Knights explains.

“The three Squid Beakons the set comes with allow you to exert some map control or provide avenues into enemy turf for your allies! What’s more, the Bubble Blower gives you even more power to light up the enemy from a safe position!

“If your thing is supporting your team from the back while having the power to strike fear in your foes, this is the weapon set for you!”

And introducing the Custom E-Liter 4K Scope, Sheldon adds: “The Custom E-liter 4K Scope gives you everything you loved about the Custom 4K with the added ability to zoom in on distant opponents!

“A word of warning though: you’ll be trading unparalleled shot range and accuracy for a limited view and the inability to store a charged shot!

“Just like with the Custom 4K, you’ve got Squid Beakons and the Bubble Blower, so rally your enemies and support them from a distance!”

Splatoon 2 is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.



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