Equip The New Classic Squiffer Weapon In Splatoon 2


Nintendo has added the Classic Squiffer to Splatoon 2, the latest new weapon to be made available at Ammo Knights in the Galleria.

The Classic Squiffer is a charger-class gun that was introduced in Splatoon, that comes equipped with a miniaturised ink compression tank. It was popular thanks to the quick charge time and high damage, although it has a shorter range when compared to other weapons in the same class.

“As Chargers go, its range leaves something to be desired – but in exchange, you get blazing fast charge speed, so you can respond quickly to any threat!” the Squid Research Lab writes.

“And don’t worry – its formidable firepower is also intact, letting you splat opponents in a single blast when fully charged. This weapon comes complete with Point Sensors and the Ink Armor special.”

Splatoon 2 is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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