English names confirmed for Pokémon X and Y’s four new arrivals


Whilst Japanese information regarding four new additions to Pokémon X and Y emerged over the weekend, today has brought confirmation of their localised names.

These include the cowardly Helioptile, a Normal/Electric-type that may generate electricity from the sun to power machinery. It can use a new move called Parabolic Charge, which sees the new Pokémon attack its enemies and restore its own HP by half the damage caused.

Next up is Fletchling, a Normal/Flying-type that chirps beautiful melodies. It can use a Fire-type move called Flame Charge, which increases its Speed.

An intimidating glare and a leaf clutched in its mouth identify Pancham, a Fighting-type. It has access to a new move called parting Shot, which lowers an opponent’s Attack and Special Attack whilst switching the Pokémon for another within the Trainer’s party.

Lastly there’s Gogoat, a Grass-type, that can be used as a method of transportation. It can use Horn Leech to recover HP equal to half the damage caused, between aiding the trainer on their travels throughout Lumiose City.

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