Engine Software behind Mighty No. 9 on Nintendo 3DS


The Engine Software are handling Mighty No. 9’s Nintendo 3DS port, according to the game’s associate producer Nick Yu.

Back in April we learned that the 3DS version had been delayed indefinitely, after the developer “found that the amount of work necessary exceeded our expectations.”

That’s resulted in approaching the Netherlands-based Engine Software to “rebuild the game from scratch,” who have previous 3DS development experience with Mad Dog McCree, Mindfeud, Proun+ and Sumico.

“Right, so the 3DS version, as well as the PlayStation Vita version, is being handled by a different company called Engine Software, a developer based in the Netherlands,” Yu confirmed to Siliconera.

“They’re handling the porting work. Well, it’s not really porting work anymore. We actually had to rebuild the game from scratch because of the difference between the console versions and the handheld versions.”

He continued, “It’ll be exactly the same. Naturally, there might be little bit of a graphical downgrade just because it’s on a handheld, but the gameplay and everything else is intact.”

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