The Emperor’s Speech wins Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate weapon design contest


Capcom have announced The Emperor’s Speech as the winning European entry in their Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate weapon design contest.

The hunting horn, designed by Herlinne Jelita Setzekorn, is based on regular Monster Hunter mascot Poogie and sees it sat upon a golden throne.

“This hunting horn is inspired by Monster Hunter’s adorable mascot, Poogie! This horn features a Poogie statue, in its Emperor outfit, sitting atop a large golden throne,” writes Setzekorn. “When the hunter plays the horn, it will emulate Poogie’s oinking and raise other hunters’ morale!”

Capcom have already converted this into pixel form as you’ll see in the trailer below, and it will appear as an in-game item when Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate releases early next year.


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