Elliot Quest selling more strongly on Wii U in comparison to Steam


Ansimuz Games have found that their sales numbers for Elliot Quest on Wii U are “much bigger” than those achieved on Steam, according to creator Luis Zuno.

The platform-adventure title revolves around Elliot’s race to rid himself of a rare curse before it transforms him into a demon, searching out mysterious Guardians that can lift its effects.

That quest will take you through five dungeons to defeat 16 bosses, that will eventually see you unlock one of many multiple endings.

“Sales numbers on Wii U has been by much bigger than on Steam,” Zuno shared with 4cr.

“However, putting the game on the console has been a long journey and a lot of work and I definitely couldn’t have got there on my own, which is why I’m thankful for the help from PlayEveryWare to get there.”

Since Elliot Quest’s release, Zuno has shifted his focus to share his experiences in creating pixel art and to help others through his Patreon page.

[Thanks GoNintendo]
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