EDGE vote Nintendo EAD as third greatest game developer

Nintendo logo

Within their latest issue, EDGE have published their new, annual list of the 50 greatest development studios around the world.

These are chosen by technical and creative ability, as well as studios that “realise the most involving and stimulating game worlds.”

Nintendo EAD achieved a third placing, with EDGE writing: “Perhaps its greatest achievement is in how it hides the fantastic complexities of its craft so completely under its games’ perfect surfaces.”

Valve took the top spot, with Mojang in second place. Whilst Platinum Games took fourth, and Naughty Dog in fifth completing the top five.

Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition developer WayForward Technologies also made the list in 48th place, with the magazine stating: “This studio has a remarkable knack for applying creativity to everything, including low-budget DSi download games and licenses both beloved (A Boy and his Blob) and not so (BloodRayne).”

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