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Two Tribes‘ Classics series continues, switching out Toki Tori’s egg-capturing escapades to now place players in control of a kaleidoscopic cube. Beneath EDGE‘s retro-inspired styling lies a deceptively challenging platform-puzzle hybrid, even if its premise is a simple one. This award-winning mobile game from the folks at Mobigame tasks you with rolling a cube around increasingly taxing environments, that throw perspective and physical tests in your way at every turn.


What begins with relative ease soon quickly ramps up as you find your quest to reach equally rainbow-infused end zones become all the more difficult. With speed and the collection of miniature prisms ultimately affecting your resulting score, you’ll soon be contending with collapsable flooring, buttons that speed you along paths, and parts of the level that reform to carry you to new locations.

With controls being handled by the left stick alone, that leaves you attention to be entirely captivated by tackling the platforming challenges laid before you. “EDGE Time,” a unique concept, sees the player spending time hanging their cube from the edge of the level, the point of which seeing the time spent doing so subtracted from that taken to complete it. It feels slightly pointless, even though it objectifies you time whilst waiting for sliding platforms to return for you to continue.


A rather sumptuous 8-Bit soundtrack accompanies the entire experience, even if tracks aren’t evenly cycled across the game’s abundance of levels. There are plenty for you to unlock, especially if you have the patience to collect all of the scattered prisms, but whilst wilder ideas appear the game’s often in danger of falling into monotony.

EDGE may not set the Nintendo eShop alight but provides a recommendable venture for those looking to flex their brain muscles in thinking outside of the box. Or cube, so to speak.

Version Tested: Wii U
Review copy provided by Two Tribes

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