Eat Dirt And Taste Victory In Trials Rising On Nintendo Switch

Trials Rising Artwork

Ubisoft has announced that Trials Rising will release on Nintendo Switch, the first time that their physics-based motorcycle platforming series has appeared on the portable home console.

You will be able to compete all around the world, on fun and elaborate tracks located across several continents. That could see you finding the perfect line in a smouldering caldera in the wilds of Yellowstone Park, doing triple backflips off the Eiffel Tower in Paris or navigating massive drops on Mount Everest with snowstorms looming.

The experience continues to combine the core gameplay and over-the-top action that the series has become known for, with new features, more competition and fresh visual look representing the developer’s renewed ambition to deliver the best game to date.

Trials Rising will release for Nintendo Switch on February 29th.

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