Earthlock: Festival Of Magic Arrives On Wii U In Early 2017

Earthlock: Festival Of Magic Image

Nintendo Switch may be four months away, but Snowcastle Games has remained committed to releasing Earthlock: Festival of Magic on Wii U.

The Kickstarter-backed project casts players in the magical world of Umbra where, after a cataclysmic event struck, the planet suddenly stopped spinning. As audacious scavenger Amon, the player journeys on a quest for peace after they become involved in a treacherous conflict between the Suvian Empire and those that want to topple it.

With the developer making gameplay adjustments after concerns directed at the Xbox One and PC release, the PlayStation 4 and Wii U versions have been positioned to evade the triple-A dominated holiday schedule.

“We decided to use a third party service to port Earthlock to the Wii U,” the developer shared in a Kickstarter update. “This will allow us to release the game sooner. We will release on Wii U as soon as the game is ready, which looks to be in the similar time frame as the PS4 version.”

Earthlock: Festival of Magic will release on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U in early 2017.

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