EarthBound-Inspired Dreamed Away Coming To Nintendo Switch

Dreamed Away Logo

Pineapple Works and Nicolas Petton have announced that their emotional action-adventure RPG Dreamed Away will release on Nintendo Switch.

Set in France in the ’90s, you play as the young boy Théo who has become lost in a dark, mysterious world. You will have the chance to explore a unique reality, battle darkness in duels and make choices that matter.

The game’s storyline has been outlined below:

Have you ever experienced a world that was slightly… off? Where everything looks the same but distinctly different from what you’re used to? Imagine you are wandering around familiar sights of cozy little homes in the small village of Brittany, France. But it’s not exactly as you remember it. And with a blink of an eye – everything turns shady. Familiar places appear as if through a puddle on a windy day. It’s Théo’s life.

He woke up in his bedroom on a rainy summer night. He quickly realizes that his parents and sister Louise have disappeared. He dresses up and gets out through the door to find them. When leaving the house, Théo finds himself in a dark cave. Lost and confused, he tries to find his way out in the dark. He sees his sister Louise and tries to follow her but can never catch her up. Several rooms in the cave look strangely similar to rooms in his house. What happened? And that’s how his journey begins.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • Immersive storytelling that puts you on a journey around Théo’s dark and unsettling mystery
  • Diverse setting: changeable colors and environment take you from a vibrant, peaceful atmosphere into a dark and mysterious place
  • Detailed and aesthetic pixel art reality that is worth exploring
  • Action+adventure+RPG = extensive duels: pre-equip certain abilities and see how you’d do. Not what you expect: no magic, no weapons!

Dreamed Away will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q4 2023.

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