Early PlayStation 4 sales tracking behind Wii U in Japan

Whilst it can certainly be said that early PlayStation 4 sales throughout the west have outperformed those achieved by Wii U, turn your attention solely to Japan and it paints an entirely different picture.

When Nintendo’s latest console hit retailers back in December 2012, according to Media Create’s data it had secured sales of 557,901 units during the first three weeks following launch.

Comparatively, for the same three week period after launch, the PlayStation 4 now only sits at 410,083 unit sales, a figure that sits nearly 147,818 below its rival despite the feverish anticipation that has surrounded Sony’s next-gen machine.

[Thanks IGN]

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  1. I think traditional gaming consoles are in trouble regardless of recent western sales. Younger generations have a lot less interest and it’s us old fogys keeping it hobbling along

  2. And has nothing to do with the Wii U being released, as a family and kid friendly console, into the christmas period?

    Not to say its not an interesting statastic … but what were the Wii Us sales like in Feb 2013? Its not a simple a to b comparison sadly. All we can say currently is PS4 is off to a strong start..
    . but so was the Wii U and we know where that went.

    Wouldnt be surprised if MS just decided to skip Japan this time round as last gen was a collosal waste of money

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