EA will retain the Star Wars license for 10 years


EA excited the world when they announced that they had signed an exclusivity deal with Disney to develop games based on the Star Wars franchise, heightened further when they announced DICE were working on a Battlefront title.

That the Swedish studio’s efforts won’t be coming to Wii U is a shame, but the publisher has shared that the deal will last ten years and provides plenty of scope with them to work with George Lucas’s universe – perhaps one such project may come our way.

“The beauty of the Star Wars franchise is it’s so broad and so deep you don’t have to do a movie game,” explained EA’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen at the UBS Global Technology Conference. “You can do a game that’s very focused on the world that’s been created around Star Wars.”

He continued, “[EA will have] new games that we’re inventing around their content, around the broad Star Wars content and around some of the new assets that they may produce over time as well.

“We struck what we believe is a fantastic deal which allows us to be able to build games in many different genres across multiple types of platforms over 10 years and will leverage the strength of the Disney marketing associated with the Star Wars properties, both in movies and other things that they made do over the timeframe.

“We’ll try to align those with that marketing power that Disney has, but it won’t necessarily be aligned with the movies.”

[Thanks Polygon]

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