EA tease multiple Gamescom announcements


During their first quarter earnings call, EA have hinted toward unveiling three unannounced projects at Gamescom later this month.

“It looks to me like you have three consoles/PC titles that you haven’t yet announced what they are for the year. And is that correct?” Douglas Creutz, Cowen and Company analyst, posed during the Q&A session that followed. “And also, is it correct that those are all scheduled for the March quarter?”

Kenneth Barker, EA’s Interim Chief Financial Officer, responded: “On the title count, yes, there are six titles scheduled for Q4, three of which we’ve announced and are provided in our schedules.”

We know the three announced titles are Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, and SimCity, so when will the others be unveiled? Gamescom, it would appear.

“Gamescom is when we do most of the rest of the unveiling,” EA CEO John Riccitiello explained. “So we choose the major consumer shows as opposed to our quarterly financial results to announce titles.”

[Thanks Videogamer.com]

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