EA Swerve Nintendo Switch 2 Question

Electronic Arts Andrew Wilson Photo

Electronic Arts has refused to comment on the rumours that continue to swirl around the Nintendo Switch successor.

In its Q3 2024 earnings call, the third-party publisher was asked whether a successor console – rumoured to have a larger display and more horsepower – would provide a greater opportunity to support its game output.

“…there have been some rumours that Nintendo was doing a new console, and to the extent that I’m able to comment on things that are not yet announced, do I think that might benefit our company and our portfolio? Again, I can absolutely not comment on anything that has not been announced or acknowledge it in any way,” Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson explains.

“What I would say, though, is, to the extent that platforms over the course of the last 20 years have come out and offered improved CPU, GPU, memory, battery life, screen resolution, to the extent those things have happened, where we’re able to deliver more immersion for our players, particularly around our biggest franchises like [EA Sports] FC, like Madden, like Battlefield, like Apex, that has typically been very good for our business.

“Our players’ ability to really experience our games at the highest level has typically worked out very well for us. And so without commenting at all on anything around Nintendo or the Switch, I would just say. New platforms are good for us, where new platforms offer improved CPU, GPU, memory, battery life, screen resolution that typically is a plus for our particular portfolio of games and the community that plays them.”

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