EA Sports: Wii U is “absolutely” a next-generation console

cam weber ea

With rumours that its technical specification won’t significantly surpass that of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, many fear that the Wii U will find itself placed between the current and next-generation of consoles.

Asked as to whether he considered the Wii U a truly next-generation console, EA Sports general manager Cam Weber responded to Game Informer:

“Absolutely. It’s a [new] platform with a new controller input, so we’ll do everything we can to deliver an experience that will take advantage of the hardware for that consumer.”

Last year Gearbox Software, who are to bring Aliens: Colonial Marines to Wii U, commented that the console was “going to be a really cool stop-gap in between this generation and the next generation.”

Confusion continues. Do you see the Wii U as a next-generation console?

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