EA Say Nintendo Switch Hardware “Is Very Difficult”


FIFA 18 producer Andrei Lăzărescu has been particularly passionate when promoting the game’s release on Nintendo Switch, sharing his hope that it won’t be seen as “a sh***y, second-rate game.”

We know that the “custom built” experience that is headed to the portable home console has been unable to use the Frostbite 3 engine, instead choosing to build a new engine from the ground up.

But now, when speaking to Eurogamer, Lăzărescu has expressed that “the hardware is very difficult.”

That means that The Journey, a story-driven mode that was first added in FIFA 17, is “unlikely” to ever be seen on Nintendo Switch and that adding it “would take an army of people, if it was possible, to be done.”

However, Lăzărescu believes that there is still more that they can do, stating: “I don’t think it’s impossible to do more with this engine.”

EA has repeatedly positioned FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch as “the deepest portable game ever to be introduced by EA Sports FIFA,” as well as it being a “foundation” to build on.

FIFA 18 will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on September 29th.

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