EA Praise Nintendo For Involving Third-Parties With Nintendo Switch


Electronic Arts executive vice president Patrick Söderlund has praised Nintendo on how they have involved third-party publishers with Nintendo Switch since its early development.

The publisher will initially support Nintendo Switch with a “custom built” FIFA experience, but Söderlund added that, if the console sells well, EA would be prepared to release more games on the platform.

“I only spoke about FIFA today, but our company’s structure lets us release all sorts of games for every platform, so we’ll go wherever the gamers go,” Söderlund explained to Famitsu.

“I think Nintendo Switch will put Nintendo at the forefront of the game industry once again. Their approach is quite different from anything they’ve done in the past – they’ve listened to EA, Activision, and other companies since the beginning of the Switch’s development, so we’ve been involved throughout the whole process.

“They teamed up with us because they wanted to guarantee the console would be successful. Doing business with Nintendo is very important for us… We’d like to bring more and more games over for everyone.”

FIFA will release on Nintendo Switch later this year.

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