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A panel was held at the London Games Conference last week, at which a selection of gaming industry executives fell onto the topic of Nintendo’s disappointing financial performance this year.

This year saw Nintendo forecast its first annual loss in over thirty years, something that David DeMartini, Senior Vice President of global E-commerce at EA, stated that they could easily recover from.

Posed the question as to whether he believed Nintendo should pull out of the hardware market entirely, DeMartini responded: “Lots of us here have been in a similar situation. Lots of people have had that experience and pulled themselves out before. It would be premature to rule anyone out: even Apple was down for a while.

“There are an awful lot of smart people at Nintendo with a tonne of experience on hardware. That story may yet to be told.”

His stance isn’t surprising, as EA themselves were hit with a loss of $340 million (£212 million) during the three months prior to September 30th, and has been loss-making within eight of its last twelve fiscal quarters.

However such a view wasn’t shared by PopCap Games’ David Bishop who stated that Nintendo should have quit the hardware race “about 18 months ago”, something that Good Old Games’ ( Guillaume Rambourg agreed with.


Alex Seedhouse

Alex Seedhouse

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