EA Bringing “Major Game” To Nintendo Switch


Electronic Arts chief competition officer Peter Moore spoke at the Credit Suisse 20th Annual Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference, showering praise on Nintendo for having “some of the best first-party development studios in the world.”

With the topic centred on Nintendo Switch, Moore implies that their early plans will see the third-party publisher release just one “major game” on the home gaming system, after which they will “watch with interest” to see how consumers react before committing any further.

“Nintendo has always been and will always be a very important partner in this industry,” Moore began. “They have some of the best first-party development studios in the world, and some of the most valuable intellectual properties in the world. We have announced publicly that we got a partnership with them on their new platform, the Switch, we haven’t talked in detail on what that’s about. You can imagine, as you heard, that a major game will be distributed on that platform.

“We’re huge fans. We have a relationship that goes many decades back. They’ve had some difficult times as if recently obviously, but never, ever, ever discount Nintendo in this marketplace, and their ability to leverage their superb game development opportunities. Their intellectual properties, whether it’s Mario, whether it’s Zelda, whether it’s Metroid Prime, we could go on forever about what they can do… obviously Pokémon, we’ve seen more recently.

“We’re gonna watch with interest and you can rest assured that EA, just like every major publisher, is in regular conversations with Nintendo.”

That echoes EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen, who shared at the UBS Global Technology Conference earlier this month that the third-party publisher would support the system “with a game or two.”

Nintendo Switch will release worldwide in March 2017.

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