EA actively looking for further acquisitions

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EA are continually keeping their eye on the market for potential acquisitions, MCV report.

That’s according to comments from Carolyn Rohde, an associate in EA’s Corporate Development group.

“Yes, definitely,” Rohde stated, having been posed the question as to whether EA are actively examining the market to see who is for sale. “If we’re interested in moving into a particular genre of gaming, or bolstering our presence in a certain area, then we’ll look at the market landscape to see who’s performing the best and who, of those companies, is a good strategic and financial fit for EA. Then we determine whether an acquisition makes sense.

“Sometimes we hear from a banker that a particular company is for sale and we evaluate if we want to own the company or not. It’s sort of like dating – we ‘date’ a lot of companies, but it has to be a fit both ways for us to ‘marry’ and integrate.”

EA most recently acquired PopCap Games for a staggering $750 million, citing its “great studio talent and powerful IP”.

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