E3 2017: Super Mario Odyssey Developer Diary Leaps Into View


Nintendo has shared a Super Mario Odyssey developer diary with game director Kenta Motokura, that talks in more detail about the Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Within he talks about the story, which sees Princess Peach kidnapped by Bowser but, this time, he’s planning a wedding. Mario rushes to save the day on a hat-shaped airship called the Odyssey, setting out to explore multiple Kingdoms.

Four control styles are supported, whether holding both Joy-Con separately, Handheld Mode, the Joy-Con Grip and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller – with Motokura recommending using both Joy-Con controllers separately.

There’s talk about Mario’s new abilities thanks to Cappy, who he meets in the Cap Kingdom. That will let Mario capture enemies and items, gaining different powers depending on what you take control of.

Power Moons await discovery in each Kingdom, and, by collecting them, players can power up the Odyssey to travel on to the next Kingdom. There are more Power Moons hidden in each Kingdom than players will require, but most will enjoy hunting them all down.

Each Kingdom has its own special coins that can be used to buy outfits to change Mario’s appearance The three Super Mario Odyssey amiibo will let you unlock each character’s wedding outfit, while all amiibo currently on sale will also be supported.

Super Mario Odyssey will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 27th.

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