E3 2017: Nintendo Want To Make My Nintendo “Much More Meaningful”

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Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has admitted that they are exploring ways to make the My Nintendo rewards program “much more meaningful moving forward.”

“From the Nintendo of America standpoint, we have it as a priority to make My Nintendo much more meaningful moving forward,” Fils-Aime told IGN.

When asked if physical rewards could return to the program as seen in the, now shelved, Club Nintendo, Fils-Aime believed that “it could” before moving on to explain the challenges that it posed.

“The challenge I would just share is, unlike Japan, which is a very concentrated market, I’ve got to create solutions that are going to work for Canada, that are going to work for Latin America,” he explained.

That made it a “much more diverse marketplace… physical goods gets a little more challenging. Could I envision unique physical goods as part of the program? Sure. But it really needs to work for all of our consumers, not just the consumers in the United States.”

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