E3 2017: Minecraft Realms Arrives On Nintendo Switch In Summer


Alongside news that the Better Together Update will bring cross-platform play to Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, it has also been announced that Minecraft Realms will soon arrive on the portable home console.

This is a paid multiplayer server hosting service that is run by Mojang, and lets you keep your Minecraft world online and always accessible even after you log off.

It lets you and up to 10 friends play at the same time, and only those that you invite can join your world – leaving what you do on your server entirely up to you, whether that be creating, surviving or competing.

Once your friends are on your approved list, they can access your world at any time whether you are online or not. That makes this the simplest way to play Minecraft with friends, and only the owner of a Realm needs to pay.

Minecraft Realms pricing on Nintendo Switch has not yet be confirmed, but on PC, Mac and Linux the options are a recurring subscription at £5.59 per month, £6.99 for 30 days, £18.99 for 90 days, or £33.99 for 180 days.

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