E3 2017: Captain Toad Returns In Super Mario Odyssey


At E3 2017, attendees were able to explore the Metro Kingdom and the Sand Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey.

Metro Kingdom is home to New Donk City where the original Crazy Cap store is based, while the Sand Kingdom, Tostarena, is a strange world where desert and ice both exist.

Nintendo has shared that Pauline is the world-renowned Mayor of New Donk City, but, there are other fan-favourite characters that are set to appear such as Captain Toad.

After hearing that the leader of the Toad Brigade had been sighted, GameXplain set out to find him. And, find him they did, dressed with his signature oversized backpack and headlamp.

“Mario! Fancy meeting you here! That’s right. It’s me – Captain Toad!” the character chirps. “I’m getting a little ‘me’ time away from my expedition team and travelling the world!

“This place is amazing! All these iron girders everywhere! I got curious to see what was inside one… Turns out this one had a Moon in there! I hope you like it!”

Super Mario Odyssey will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 27th.

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