Dreii to bring physics conundrums to Wii U later this year


Swiss developer Etter Studio’s award-winning puzzler Drei will see release on Wii U later in the year, courtesy of a collaboration with publisher Bitforge.

The multiplayer-based physics conundrum will be reborn as Dreii, a new version of the puzzler that expands upon and pushes the concept further than that achieved before.

That will allow players to team up with others regardless of platform, with Dreii introducing faster physics, brand new levels and a new character. It will also support 19 different languages, with the handful of words that players use to communicate with each other being automatically translated to help spur co-operation.

“Dreii is all about connecting people. Once opening the game you will be secretly connected with all other players, in real time and across the globe. In the concept version this was only possible on specific devices. Being truly about uniting everybody we sat down with the people from all popular game platforms and talked to them about letting their players connect with the players from the rival platforms,” comments Dreii’s game director Christian Etter.

“It took a lot of persuasion, but now we’re extremely happy to release Dreii on all seven major game platforms and let everybody play with each other – across different cultural and technical setups.”

Dreii will release on Wii U through the Nintendo eShop later this year.

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