Dreamscaper Awakens On Nintendo Switch Next Month

Dreamscaper Key Art

Freedom Games and Afterburner Studios have confirmed a release date for Dreamscaper on Nintendo Switch.

With this action RPG roguelite, the developer has looked to blend elements from brawlers, top-down shooters, and dungeon crawlers.

Every time that Cassidy, your character, sleeps she finds herself in a random dungeon, in which she must unlock the power of her dreams to see a new day.

Trapped in a deep depression, you must dive into her subconscious to take on the surreal nightmares that she wrestles with – empowering Cassidy with the hopes and memories from her friendships to dispel the darkness.

You will wield dream-inspired weaponry in combat, adventuring through six haunting dreamscapes as you use Lucid Powers to warp space and time around you.

“When we launched Dreamscaper on Steam Early Access last year, we couldn’t imagine Cassidy’s journey would resonate with so many players,” explains Afterburner Studios co-founder Ian Cofino. “The journey so far has surpassed our wildest dreams and we look forward to continuing to make dreams come true when we can share the Dreamscaper experience with everyone on Nintendo Switch and Steam this August.”

Dreamscaper will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 5th August 2021.

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